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Earthquake Zone

Screenshot of News Headline on CNN

An earthquake shook the building we work in today. Not the first time this has happened but this one was unusually long and swayed quite a bit which made it a little worrying. Those who had never experienced it before were quite frightened and ran out to take the lift downstairs. Not really the sensible thing to do if there was a prolonged and more powerful quake in future but under the circumstances quite understandable. Others who had been there before calmly packed up and walked down the fire escape stairway to the ground floor.

Living and growing up in Malaysia, we never thought we’d ever be in an earthquake zone being nowhere near a fault line but the events of the last tsunami that hit North Sumatra in 2004 and the many mini-quakes that has happened since and to the one now has certainly debunked that theory. So I say, live how you want to, do what you want to and be what you want to be and not what someone else wants you to be.

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