Quite simply, for me, photography is a passion first and foremost and then a hobby. I have shot for work before but no one’s ever really paid me to shoot professionally before. But if you like what you see, then I am willing to shoot.

I love candid photography. I am very comfortable in a crowd shooting events and weddings. I like wandering the streets of the places I visit aimlessly shooting whatever strikes my fancy. I enjoy the wonders of nature in my early morning outings with friends capturing glorious sunrises and exciting landscapes. I love travelling and capturing the essence of cities and countries near and far from where I live.

As for my day job, it is in the creative industry. I work as New Media Director at Emanon Sdn Bhd. New media essentially being any non-traditional media including web design, multimedia as well as programming etc. So if you don’t like my photography, hire me to design your web site or create your new company presentation or corporate video.

In my spare time, I shoot photographs.