Beanoo Fotografia is helmed by Nikko Tan. Born and bred in Penang, much of his work originates from his hometown. He currently lives in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, the subject of many of his photo walks. Filled with diverse locations for the discerning photographer, Penang is the ideal place to get inspired and to capture images of great beauty. His main interests are food and travel, architecture, landscape, street life & street art photography. He particularly enjoys street photography and capturing the images that define the places that he have passed through. The same images that trigger his memory of a place and the events which led him to be there at that precise moment when he captured them. It is these memories that he treasures the most.

Trivia 1 : “Beanoo” came about from a nickname he used when he started chatting on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Stemming from his love of the British comic, “Beano” plus the requirement for a unique nickname in IRC resulted in “Beanoo” with a double “o” which has somehow stuck to this day.

Trivia 2 : “Beano” which inspired the nickname “Beanoo” means to have a good time or a party in British colloquial slang. How appropriate! For life is only worth living if you’re having a good time, right?